Service Trip in the DC

This is Why it is Imperative to Maintain Harmony in Groups

A fictional story inspired by a service trip I took with Young Adults Ministry to feed the homeless in the DC

By Ramy Gadalla February 7, 2016

Operating Room

A non-fiction story (personal statement) inspired by what I learned from shadowing in the operating room.

By Ramy Gadalla March 31, 2016

Columbian Exchange

Purchasing Colony Products Endangers Indigenous People

By Ramy Gadalla October 17, 2016

Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange: Medical Innovation or Demographic Catastrophe?

By Ramy Gadalla September 21, 2016

Enjoying Each Other's Company

Working through our Differences

A non-fiction essay inspired by my close relationship with grandma.

By Ramy Gadalla January 31, 2013

Mesopotamian Women

Stupendous and Complementary

Mesopotamians' views about women and the particular roles that women occupied in the very first centuries.

By Ramy Gadalla July 26, 2013